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The Ultimate Container Pro Compactor Receivers are specially designed to attach to a compactor unit and retain all compacted refuse. These designs are especially useful when processing quantities of large, bulky materials that demand excessive space in a traditional container. By compacting the refuse and packing it tightly into a specially engineered Compactor Receiver, more material can be processed and stored, ultimately reducing the numbers of dumps needed. Two different styles are available: The standard design is a traditional rectangular container, great for normal refuse materials and applications. The upgraded octagonal unit is specially engineered without corners, preventing wet, sticky materials from clinging to the walls and corners of the container. This feature makes dumping and cleaning much easier, reducing time and increasing your overall efficiency.


  • Auger Ring provides clean, easy removal of materials during dumping.
  • Crash plate, Sign plates and Dog house supports
  • Variety of Hook-Ups available


  • 3/16″ floor sheet
  • 10GA sides
  • 10GA bulkhead sheet & tailgate
  • 17.5″ on centers crossmembers
  • 2″ x 6″ x 1/4″ long rails
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  • Manufacturing Facilities. Reduce the amount of waste from manufacturing facilities by compacting all debris into a Compactor Receiver container. Save time and money on additional dumps and added containers.
  • Industrial Applications. Worksites and industrial facilities can produce excessive amounts of large, bulky waste. Adding a compactor and a Compactor Receiver container from Ultimate Container Pro reduces the overall quantity of refuse and streamlines operations.
  • Warehousing and Distribution. Crating and shipping inventory means excess bulk materials when it is unpacked. Reduce the overall refuse by utilizing a Compactor receiver with a compactor unit to store and remove more waste.
  • Retail Locations. Unpacking and separating products creates large amounts of excess waste. Streamline the process by compacting the trash into a Compactor Receiver container from Ultimate Container Pro.