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The Ultimate Container Pro Dewatering and False Floor units are specially engineered to separate water and other fluids from the solids in the container. Many times the debris is wet or contains moisture that settles and gathers in the bottom of the unit, creating undesirable messes and adding to the overall weight of the container. By utilizing a Dewatering container, the solids are separated from the fluids by a screen, allowing the fluids to pass through the load where they can be drained off as needed. The solids remain above the moisture so they can dry, and continue to drain off any additional fluids. Removing the water also saves money at the landfill, since the load is lighter without the fluids and costs less to dump.


  • Sealed roof w/ rolling lids
  • Front and rear splash guards
  • Epoxy or Galvanized coatings
  • Various sized micron screening
  • Liner hooks
  • Various tarp systems


  • 3/16″ floor sheet
  • 10GA sides
  • 10GA bulkhead & tailgate
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  • Industrial Waste. Many industrial operations create waste that is excessively wet or filled with fluids. Ultimate Containers Pro Dewatering containers allow the water to be removed before dumping, saving costs overall.
  • Factory Facilities. If the manufacturing processes involve a lot of water, the resulting waste can be extra heavy as a result. Utilizing a Dewatering container removes the water and reduces the load.
  • Cleaning Operations. Cleaning companies and cleanup crews are often faced with excessive liquids in their resulting waste. A Dewatering container is a perfect choice to remove the excess water at the dumpster level, eliminating the extra weight before dumping.
  • Foodservice Waste. Many grocery producing or food-handling services deal with excessive amounts of water, juices and other fluids in their processes. A Dewatering container can separate the fluids and allow them to be drained prior to dumping.