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The Ultimate Container Pro Dump Body containers are designed extra heavy-duty for hauling bulk materials or carrying equipment. Everything about the Dump Body container can be customized, including the dimensions, mounts, cab shield and tailgate. Engineered to fit your needs, this roll-off container includes a variety of possible endgate dump options including a coal chute, side-swinging gate, bottom-hinged gate and more. Board pocket and dirt shredder versions also available. These high-performance containers are ready to go to work and get the job done, with customizable features to make the job easier and more efficient.


  • Multiple tailgate options
  • Cab shield
  • Dirt shedders
  • Front release mechanism
  • Cable, hooklift, combo or permanent mount hookups available


  • 1/4″ floor sheet
  • 12GA sides
  • 10GA bulkhead sheet & tailgate
  • 12″ on center crossmembers
  • 2″ x 6″ x 1/4″ long rails
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  • Industrial Transportation. The Dump Body container is perfect for hauling large industrial loads of a wide variety of materials. Choose the appropriate endgate for dumping the specific materials to complete the work quickly and efficiently.
  • Dirt Moving Enterprises. The Ultimate Containers Pro Dump Body container is designed for hauling and dispensing large quantities of dirt, sand and other fill materials. Dirt shredder options are also available to help smooth the operation and keep the materials in the best condition.
  • Rock and Gravel Hauling. These durable, heavy-duty Dump Body containers are your best choice for hauling large loads of rock, gravel, fill sand and other grading and developmental materials.
  • Large Load Hauling. Whatever your payload, there is a Dump Body container designed to haul it. Choose from several convenient tailgate options to make dumping your materials safe and easy. Custom cab shields and mounting options make the Ultimate Containers Pro Dump Body perfect for the job.
  • Grains and Other Agricultural Loads. Hauling farm products to storage or to market is no small task, but a custom-designed Dump Body container can speed things up during that critical harvest season.