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The Ultimate Container Pro Recycler container provides the ultimate in convenience and efficiency in sorting and collecting recyclable materials. These durable, long-lasting products are available in a number of standard sizes, plus custom sizes and features are always available by special order. Multiple roof styles are offered, along with a variety of lid and receptacle options including a convenient cardboard slot for quick and easy insertion. Interior dividers provide increased structural integrity and keep the load properly distributed in the receptacle.


  • Multiple roof styles available
  • Cable, hooklift, combo, or permanent mount hookups
  • Cardboard Slots
  • Interior Dividers
  • Various styles of lids


  • 3/16″ floor sheet
  • 12GA sides
  • 12GA bulkhead sheet & tailgate
  • 24″ on centers crossmembers
  • 2″ x 6″ x 3/16″ long rails
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  • Housing Units Recycler Collections. Recycler containers placed near trash receptacles in housing units provide opportunities for residents to sort recyclables for collection, reducing landfill usage and contributing to the care of the environment.
  • Corporate Facilities Recycler Containers. Business trash collection can benefit from an added Recycler container to allow specific materials to be properly sorted at the point of collection.
  • Factory Recyclable Waste Drops. Many factories create substantial amounts of recyclable waste during daily operations. Providing a Recycler container allows the sorting of those materials to be processed separately, reducing the overall quantity of refuse to be removed.
  • Retail Waste Sorting Programs. Excessive quantities of cardboard, glass, plastics and other recyclables can be sorted and collected easily with a Recycler container at the location.