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The Ultimate Container Pro Sealed and Sludge Containers are specially designed units for hauling loads of wet solids or complete liquids without leaking or creating other messes. As more public locations require refuse removal companies to provide clean, secure hauling, the Sealed/Sludge Container is the perfect solution. Sealed endgates are tested at the factory to ensure proper operation with no leakage, or choose an option for a sealed container with no endgate. The container is available in two packages: The Sealed unit is a standard, durable container for general-purpose wet waste or liquid hauling, while the Sludge unit is an extra heavy-duty version for large, thick loads. Splash plates provide internal baffling to reduce load shifting during transportation. For wet or thick loads with no leakage problems or other messes, the Sealed and Sludge containers from Ultimate Container Pro are built to get the job done.


  • Splash plates
  • Sealed gate or Solid Unit w/ no gate
  • Various apertures and valves
  • Man ways
  • Tarp System (many styles available)
  • Variety of Hook-Ups available


Sealed containers:

  • 3/16″ floor sheet
  • 10GA sides
  • 10GA bulkhead sheet & tailgate
  • 16″ on centers crossmembers
  • 2″ x 6″ x 1/4″ long rails

Sludge containers:

  • 1/4″ floor sheet
  • 7GA sides
  • 7GA bulkhead sheet & tailgate
  • 12″ on centers crossmembers
  • 2″ x 6″ x 1/4″ long rails
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  • Specialty Cleanup Situations. The Sealed and Sludge Containers are perfect for any unusual cleanup applications requiring the removal of wet or liquid waste, especially locations that require no leakage from the hauler. The sealed endgate version is designed to keep your load inside, and the solid unit with no endgate is even more secure.
  • Industrial Waste. Any industrial or manufacturing waste that is wet or in liquid form can be safely captured and hauled with the Sealed or Sludge Container from Ultimate Containers Pro. The enclosed design ensures no leakage, yet easy dumping.
  • Construction Sites. Mud, wet sand, water-filled debris and other sensitive materials are easily handled and kept from leaving a trail during transportation in the Sealed or Sludge containers.