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The Ultimate Container Pro general-purpose Tub container is one of the most versatile and flexible receptacles in our inventory. The universal open-top design accepts debris and refuse from any angle, allowing it to be used for construction sites, cleanup crews, maintenance projects or just about any other application. The extremely durable and practical design of the Tub container assures that your equipment investment lasts for the long term. To make dumps easier, the container is tapered from front to back, plus the design includes short, sloped lower sides, reducing the friction of the materials to the walls and allowing it to slide out more easily.


  • Outriggers with front wheels
  • Sealed tailgate
  • Cable, hooklift, combo, or permanent mount hookups
  • Crash plates
  • 6″ x 2″ x 3/8″ long rails


  • 3/16″ floor sheet
  • 10GA sides
  • 10GA bulkhead sheet & tailgate
  • 16″ on centers crossmembers
  • 2″ x 6″ x 1/4″ long rails
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  • Construction Sites. Tub containers are a great solution for temporary or permanent trash and debris collection for construction projects. The versatile design can haul any materials including tree limbs, boards, flooring, roofing, bricks, rocks, sand or any other waste materials.
  • Industrial Enterprises. Trash and debris removal from warehouses, distribution centers, trucking points, shipping ports and most other facilities is quick and easy with a Tub container.
  • Manufacturing Plants. Ultimate Containers Pro Tub units are perfect for bulky, continuous trash output from manufacturing processes.
  • Agricultural Applications. Field cleanups, repair shops, feeding floor waste and more is easily collected and hauled in a standard Tub style container.
  • Community Cleanup Efforts. A centrally located Tub container is perfect for community cleanup and beautification projects. Any size of debris, trash or trimmings fits easily in the open-top design, and the overall size allows for substantial waste to be collected before becoming filled.
  • General Refuse Removal. The Tub container is one of the most versatile and generally useful types of containers available, suited to almost any type of cleanup, trash gathering, debris collection or any other type of material refuse.